Thursday, May 21, 2009

Someone asked me today if I would support a cut of government social programs: social security, welfare, medicare and medicaid.

I say we take whatever is in these funds, turn them into a private charity and cease all government funding.

They will then sink or swim based on charitable contributions and the charity's ability to balance the objectives of the charity with people's willingness to give to it. I might well give $1000/year to a Social Security charity. This is considerably less than I am forced to pay into it now.

It's always been my goal to work my finances such that I can one day retire without government aid. I could have a nicer car, a nicer house and better stuff but I don't because I want to retire one day and owning a really nice BMW today would impede my ability to one day retire and be independent.

If I could have all of my social security payments in my bank account, that would amount to a nice little raise that would help me retire that much earlier.

My parents would either be living with me or I'd be helping them out financially to live somewhere on their own, but at least that's a decision we can come to on our own.

There may be certain minimums I would be willing to see the government do. But we are talking bare minimums. A roof over your head, food to eat and a place to sleep. Anything beyond that should be left in the hands of private charities and volunteer programs.

We're too dependent on the government.

People aren't willing to go out and volunteer or give money for programs they believe in, because they expect the government to do it for them. It's horseshit. Someone wants to help old people? Volunteer. Donate. Ring a bell in front of a bucket in front of the local shopping mall. But don't mug me every April 15th for an amount of money you think is appropriate to steal from me in order to support your charity.

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